Monday, January 20, 2014

What I'm dreaming....

It's Martin Luther King day, let's celebrate our dreams.....

I have a dream...Anyone who has ever heard this knows that Martin Luther King paved the ways for the dreamers, doers and believers.

I love that this man set the example for so many, I see that he envisioned a world were black and white could come together, I don't think he realized that if it wasn't for him, Hispanics, Asian, and other Ethnicity's would come together as well. 
Another thing I admire is how he believed in his dream so much he became passionate about it. He spoke truth into his dream. Which brings me to .....What is your dream???

How much time and effort do we give into our dreams. Do you speak into your dreams. Do you see them coming into fruition? What is speaking into your dreams?? Well let' s cover all these questions...

I think the first thing to address is What is your dream? and have you given up on your dream?
As you know I lost mine..Lost, yes lost it, couldn't find it. I didn't know what it was. "Funny right?" how do you loose a dream. See I tucked into a place very deep into my mind and heart so, so deep that I couldn't find it.
I felt miserable for years, I felt lost and confused doing meaningless jobs. Wait not all, (I loved being a Personal Trainer) but most jobs.
 I would last 4-5 years in a job then I was done. I would get frustrated and move on. This went on for a good 17 years. Then, baamm in my face!!!
How did it happen you ask? I dug deep, I knew something was missing, so I went into my Psyche and did some work.. Backtrack, My first memory was I loved fitness, and dance, then went younger and younger, seventeen I gave up my dream of being a fashion designer, was this it? So went deeper in my memories, what else did I love?, ok, Lot's of dance, and play, and sewing...ok finally, sewing-designing-playing-being with myself>>>> MY dream has always been to work for myself to design clothes. The dream of making on paper come into reality. Seeing it in my mind and then holding it in my hands. This was and is my dream.
So now that I told you how I did it, you have homework to do...Make a list of all the things you loved backtrack to your childhood, it your heart beats a different beat that's the one...

Next...Speaking into your dreams.
What does this mean?, when you have your dream Speak it, Say it, tell the people you trust about it. (Please be aware that not everyone will be on board, please keep this only to those who will support you)..Speaking into your dreams is for example Martin Luther King, telling yourself and others. I have a dream that I can....That I will....believing that you can do this by telling yourself constantly. Never giving up regardless of the time it will take you.

Next...Goals. Plans
To bring your dreams into fruition you have to plan and make goals...for example say that you want to be a Clown at the circus. (I know I'm creative but humor me here). So what do I have to do to become a clown?.
Well 1st. Goal is to buy makeup/paint. 2nd. Buy an outfit, 3rd. Buy shoes, 4th. Buy wig, 5th. Get business cards, 6th Tell friends if anyone has resources to the circus or research how to get into the circus.
 As you see, a goal is a small step leading into your dreams. People tend to think that a goal is a Final step "NO" it's just the next step...Make a list and cross things off.
I'll share mine...To be a designer. 1. Practice as much my sketching. 2. Look for a sewer 3. Look for fashion shows. 4. Volunteer at events and get the behind the scenes. That's just the beginning. But I have all these down.
Small step will lead into making your dreams come true allowing them to come into fruition.

I love this quote..."Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase"

As you pursue your dreams there might be days when you want to give up. But stick to having faith, believe in yourself and your dreams. Know that deep down you can make it happen. Martin Luther King had a dream, never did he think it would become such a huge impact. What if your dream will impact the world in a huge way!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this week's blog, Please remember never give up on
                                                               Angie Castillo
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