Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding your worth...

Have you ever wondered why as women we suffer from unworthiness?
           I have!...I began doing readings for people over 7 years ago. The more I could see into people's lives,the more I was aware that we as women have this level of unworthiness that keeps showing up. I soon transitioned into become a Life coach. I thought perhaps giving women the tools to change would help, Right??
 Holy behold, I now see that it can take a while to see how worthy they are..
The more I look into helping people heal, the more I become aware of the causes for it to exist.
Here is something I found ask yourself this question
 "When I was growing up, how did my family handle encouragement?
 Did I hear mostly positive words or more criticism, negative comparisons, or condemnatory statements?
                                             Just  to give you an idea of where it began, from this place it's seeing it, acknowledging it, and healing from the unworthiness. It's important for us as women to realize how worthy we are. To acknowledge, praise our worth, and show other women including our own children.
                                             I am hear to tell you, "YOU ARE WORTHY".....
My mission is to empower and inspire as many people as I can, and  rise beyond the level of never feeling enough regardless of circumstances. If you came from poverty, or wealth, if you have been condemn as a criminal, if you have had problems with drugs, alcohol, abuse, if your family never showed you what being worthy is.
I am here to say "You are worthy, because if you exist you matter, your important.!"
Sure, I might piss you off, and say Who am I to say. You don't know me....
Perhaps you are right, I don't know you. But I do know the feeling of unworthiness. I know what it's like to be seen like I don't exist, I know what it's like for people to look down on me because of my ethnicity, because I'm not as educated, because I am different.
Yes, unworthiness looks different for everyone. But if I can get past it, so can you!
In my attempt to help people. I ask that you take a better look at yourself, see the good in you. See what other people compliment you on. Focus on the good.
I hope with sincerity that this just allows you to look within and heal the unworthiness.

With blessings of kindness and hope,
Angie Castillo