Saturday, December 28, 2013

What if God loved you??!! Walking away from being a Psychic Medium...

Living in a world of to much info!

As I've been away for a couple a weeks from blogging it was only to gain clarity from the chaos. Christmas is over, now to new beginnings. Yippy 2014!!
I have to get brave here, this is a touchy subject....
       So, I began my spiritual journey oh maybe 7 years ago. You see I came down with this condition called PSYCHIC! Wow, not your everyday cold or flu. It's a lot like Cancer. It's scary, the opposite through You want to die, not it wants to kill you.
Then 7 and a half years later I've given my life to the LORD. What a surprise?
                                                                 Maybe not!!. Read on...
Let me begin, 7 or 8 years ago while working as a Personal Trainer a co-worker noticed something in me  that was very familiar to her as well. One day she dropped the "Bomb" and said that I had the same ability as her to see dead people. I refused to believe this, but looking back it made sense to my life. Well she was in and out of my life quick, only to leave me with now what? 
Soon I found myself at the nearest book store looking for anything I could find on Psychics, Mediums and whatever else. This was the beginning of my journey. I began to meditate, study, take classes, you name it I did the whole enchilada on Metaphysics and spirituality. After 4, 5 years I became a teacher, teaching others on so many topics of healing, readings, energy, entity clearings. You name it I was teaching.. People thought I had it all figured out. I looked amazing, people loved being around my presence. I always got compliments on how peaceful and joyful I was.  Little did they know that at night I would lay down and ask God where are you?, why do I feel so stuck?, why do I feel so empty?, what is missing? 
For months I asked these questions, I started getting to the point of me asking many times in the day, I was becoming really confused on what I was teaching it wasn't feeling good anymore.
 Life was about making money, more money, and more money. The more I focused on making money the less I had. Men, sex, manipulation was the new thing I got entangled in by the modality I was learning and using. Everyone using this modality portrays to be doing great, that life is so amazing..they keep asking "How does it get any better?" yet, I haven't met anyone who truly is happy. Not even the founder or co-founder. 
  All of this was going against my morals, values and principals. This modality was drawing me more away from God. It didn't make sense. I cried out to God help me!! Please help me! I prayed so much and cried out continuously.
 He listened, he heard my cry. God pulled me out of what I was falling into, it was a deep hole. It took many month to feel better. Letting go of 7+ years of learnings that where not good for me. It's been rough, I can't lie. I was lying to myself everyday telling myself I was ok, and I wasn't.
       I'm now learning God's ways, the love he has for us. I feel so much joy I feel very different. I don't feel a need to have things or portray to the world what I am not.
      I'm I gifted? yes, very gifted, I'm I using my gifts at the moment like I was before? No, I stopped my business, teaching and everything I was doing. I could see how the enemy(demons) use all of theses modalities, false teaching to hurt, and dis empower you and I. In spiritually they call it your Ego, No it's not ego it's a demon. You wouldn't hurt yourself but something outside of you would, something that can plant bad thoughts in your head. Something that would tell you God is not real, don't believe that. Everything she is saying isn't true. I know better. God doesn't love you. All of that and all negative thoughts come from the enemy. 
 So why has it taken me so long to share?. I needed time to heal, I needed to learn God's love for me. 
From this moment forward I would like to share and open the space for anyone going through similar situation, or anyone wanting to know God's love, I want to share what God is doing in my life. How much he has changed me for the better. How I don't need to rely on other teachings anymore. My God is good, my God loves me. He took me out of a deep hole, cleaned me up and is loving me more than ever. 

Thank you so much for reading today's Blog, 
Blessing for the New Year,
Angie Castillo
Life Style Coaching

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Raising your worth releasing Anxiety..

Raising your worth and releasing Anxiety
For today's post I thought I would add something helpful as I see the need to release anxiety in this world of commotion. 
As women we are the do it all. The cleaning lady, the taxi, the worker, the everything..with so much stress sometimes it can lead to anxiety, depression or both. I have been working with people to release Depression and Anxiety. Releasing can help to raise your self worth. When you are feeling depressed you can care less about your surroundings, adding anxiety creates chaos, not knowing whether you want to clean or just cover your head and keep it in the dark. I highly suggest meditation, prayer and here are some good tips to help decrease Anxiety. Enjoy!

  1. Consider how anxiety affects your life. “Three of the most common characteristics of someone with an anxiety disorder are perfectionism, relying on others for approval and need for control”. 
  2. Set up some structure. Idle time often leads to over thinking and over magnifying. In other words, if you aren’t stimulated or busy, you’re apt to zero in on trivial things and obsess over them. Plan out your days and activities.
  3. Don't pay attention to thoughts. You might not realize just how much thoughts can feed anxiety.
  4. Let go of control. Many of us try to control life in an attempt to feel less vulnerable and insecure. We’re insecure about our own abilities to “handle life now, as it unfolds, moment to moment".  So the key is to realize and accept that you can’t control life.
  5. Revise your reactions. While we can’t control the world, we can control our reaction to it. “It’s empowering to realize that you don’t have to be a victim of life” Realize that you’re responsible for your happiness and your life. You can change yourself. If necessary seek help.
  6. Trust yourself. “Self-trust is the ability to believe that you can handle what life throws at you,”. Trusting yourself means dismantling insecurity – “If you’re anxious, your trust muscle has atrophied, and your insecurity has become muscle bound.” Strengthen your muscle by taking small risks.
  7. Practice yoga and Meditation. Anxiety usually involves racing thoughts, recurrent worries and a revved-up body. Yoga and Meditation can help manage all these symptoms by calming both your mind and body, . Just the acts of focusing on your breath, mediating and saying a mantra have a soothing effect.
  8. Stop people-pleasing. Relying on others for approval can also lead to anxiety. To stop this over time, pay attention to how you interact with others and the times you people-please. Before attending a function where you’ll likely people-please, think about how you’re going to react.

I have learned that Anxiety can  range from mild to extreme and can be related to traumatic experiences. If you have tried everything and you are still frustrated feel free to email me. Anxiety and Depression can be taken care off through Hypnosis or NLP. You don't have to keep suffering. You are here to do great things in life. I know first hand that I had to get rid of  the depression and anxiety to begin doing what I love. 

       Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks blog,
       sending blessings of happiness..
   Angie Castillo...Intuitive Life Coach/Lifestyle Coach

Monday, November 18, 2013

"She is clothes in dignity and strength"

 She wears dignity and strength...

As I step into knowing God so many transitions are happening. We first expect external change. Then we get upset when we don't see it..
Coming from the Metaphysical realm, self-help, the beliefs being taught are, you are the creator of your life. If you don't like it change it!. Humm, you take that piece of advice and run like hell or to hell I should say.
    Hell: a place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering.  

Yes suffering is hell and it doesn't exist as a place, It's more like a state. Trying to do everything ourselves can wreak major havoc in our lives. 
As a human species we have come to help one another, including God. God is here to help us out, to Root us on, to love us. "She is clothes in dignity and strength" not because she stands alone but because she has allowed God, and  people to help her.
           The perception of perfection is a good one, with so much social media people believe that what some post on Facebook, twitter, instagram is true. Showing off your car, your new dress or boyfriend looks so much fun, but how much of this is true?
  I was completely blinded by this phenomenon until.....Yes, I sat in class for 4 days and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. And this class is to better yourself I ask myself?
               Fakeness galore. I'm sorry, at this point talk about having a melt down to identity crisis.  The Aha moment for me!!!, 
Maybe I'm doing this too.
 After many months of looking at this. This had to change. I turned to God for answers I wanted to show people that being fake only takes you to that place of void and denial. Never looking at your reality as true. Creating deep, deep suffering. What you cannot change, God will change it for you.

               "She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future. Her words are sensible, and her advice is thoughtful."  

Through rough times we can stand alone or allow God to give us the strength. Through strength you find dignity and without fear of the future is created.

We as women become stronger during tough times. We allow the power within us to rise, we do it to live, for our children, to be somebody!!

Today's blog all over the place, it's only to get you to the place outside of your reality. To do what you think you cannot do. You are not alone, allow God to help you. God speaks through people, allow someone to help you reach your dreams...

Reach for your dreams, 
Angie Castillo
Intuitive Life Coach
Life Style Coaching

Friday, November 8, 2013

Simple observations of a Feminine woman....

The art of Femininity...

It takes a great woman to see greatness in other women.
 To have a good laugh at your own expense.
Discover how complete and happy you can be in your own skin.

To be the gem, the diamond that sparkles bright for other women, showing them the beauty that they are..It takes courage, strength to be a woman in this day in age. 
We are delicate,soft, gorgeous, sensual, desiring, and talented, gifted souls..

Books suggested
 At some point over the course of the average American woman’s life, she will find herself alone, whether she is divorced, widowed, single, or in a loveless, isolating relationship. And when that time comes, it is likely that she will be at a loss as to how to handle it. As a society, we have an unspoken but omnipresent belief that a woman alone is an outcast, inherently flawed in some way. In this invigorating, supportive book, psychotherapist Florence Falk aims to take the fear, doubt, confusion, and helplessness out of being a woman alone. Falk invites all women to find their own paths toward an authentic self hood, to discover the pleasures and riches of solitude, and to reconnect with others through a new found sense of self-confidence.

Funny quotes...
 I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me. Now I look around and wonder if I like them. -Unknown

A lioness doesn' t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. -Unknown

Being called weird is like being called limited edition, meaning you’re something people don’t see that often. Remember that. -Unknown

Every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California tan, a Jamaican dance hall ass, long Swedish legs, small Japanese feet, the abs of a lesbian gym owner, the hips of a nine-year-old boy, the arms of Michelle Obama and doll tits. This is why everyone is struggling.
-Tina Fey

At the end of the day we realize how un-perfect we are. It seems our flaws show more at night after a long day. Expecting to look glamorous everyday, come on'.  I'm lucky if I can get away with looking good 3 days a week. It takes work, time and patience. It takes guts and glory to raise 3 boys and be a single mom, picking up children from school. 
Working on my business and of course spending time on Pinterest..ha, ha!
Don't expect to be perfect, don't compare yourself to other women, you are different, you are your own kind of beautiful. There is no one else out there like you. You are an amazing soul. 
Your beautiful and gorgeous in your own way. Glamorize yourself in a way that beauty is more apparent from inner beauty than from the outer beauty.
Believe me, you will shine more. 

And of course have to share a Marilyn quotes...
“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” 
― Marilyn Monroe

Live the life of your dreams...Access your dream life!
When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible.
-Tina Lifford
Angie Castillo
Lifestyle Coaching

Friday, October 18, 2013

Finding your worth...

Have you ever wondered why as women we suffer from unworthiness?
           I have!...I began doing readings for people over 7 years ago. The more I could see into people's lives,the more I was aware that we as women have this level of unworthiness that keeps showing up. I soon transitioned into become a Life coach. I thought perhaps giving women the tools to change would help, Right??
 Holy behold, I now see that it can take a while to see how worthy they are..
The more I look into helping people heal, the more I become aware of the causes for it to exist.
Here is something I found ask yourself this question
 "When I was growing up, how did my family handle encouragement?
 Did I hear mostly positive words or more criticism, negative comparisons, or condemnatory statements?
                                             Just  to give you an idea of where it began, from this place it's seeing it, acknowledging it, and healing from the unworthiness. It's important for us as women to realize how worthy we are. To acknowledge, praise our worth, and show other women including our own children.
                                             I am hear to tell you, "YOU ARE WORTHY".....
My mission is to empower and inspire as many people as I can, and  rise beyond the level of never feeling enough regardless of circumstances. If you came from poverty, or wealth, if you have been condemn as a criminal, if you have had problems with drugs, alcohol, abuse, if your family never showed you what being worthy is.
I am here to say "You are worthy, because if you exist you matter, your important.!"
Sure, I might piss you off, and say Who am I to say. You don't know me....
Perhaps you are right, I don't know you. But I do know the feeling of unworthiness. I know what it's like to be seen like I don't exist, I know what it's like for people to look down on me because of my ethnicity, because I'm not as educated, because I am different.
Yes, unworthiness looks different for everyone. But if I can get past it, so can you!
In my attempt to help people. I ask that you take a better look at yourself, see the good in you. See what other people compliment you on. Focus on the good.
I hope with sincerity that this just allows you to look within and heal the unworthiness.

With blessings of kindness and hope,
Angie Castillo