Thursday, November 21, 2013

Raising your worth releasing Anxiety..

Raising your worth and releasing Anxiety
For today's post I thought I would add something helpful as I see the need to release anxiety in this world of commotion. 
As women we are the do it all. The cleaning lady, the taxi, the worker, the everything..with so much stress sometimes it can lead to anxiety, depression or both. I have been working with people to release Depression and Anxiety. Releasing can help to raise your self worth. When you are feeling depressed you can care less about your surroundings, adding anxiety creates chaos, not knowing whether you want to clean or just cover your head and keep it in the dark. I highly suggest meditation, prayer and here are some good tips to help decrease Anxiety. Enjoy!

  1. Consider how anxiety affects your life. “Three of the most common characteristics of someone with an anxiety disorder are perfectionism, relying on others for approval and need for control”. 
  2. Set up some structure. Idle time often leads to over thinking and over magnifying. In other words, if you aren’t stimulated or busy, you’re apt to zero in on trivial things and obsess over them. Plan out your days and activities.
  3. Don't pay attention to thoughts. You might not realize just how much thoughts can feed anxiety.
  4. Let go of control. Many of us try to control life in an attempt to feel less vulnerable and insecure. We’re insecure about our own abilities to “handle life now, as it unfolds, moment to moment".  So the key is to realize and accept that you can’t control life.
  5. Revise your reactions. While we can’t control the world, we can control our reaction to it. “It’s empowering to realize that you don’t have to be a victim of life” Realize that you’re responsible for your happiness and your life. You can change yourself. If necessary seek help.
  6. Trust yourself. “Self-trust is the ability to believe that you can handle what life throws at you,”. Trusting yourself means dismantling insecurity – “If you’re anxious, your trust muscle has atrophied, and your insecurity has become muscle bound.” Strengthen your muscle by taking small risks.
  7. Practice yoga and Meditation. Anxiety usually involves racing thoughts, recurrent worries and a revved-up body. Yoga and Meditation can help manage all these symptoms by calming both your mind and body, . Just the acts of focusing on your breath, mediating and saying a mantra have a soothing effect.
  8. Stop people-pleasing. Relying on others for approval can also lead to anxiety. To stop this over time, pay attention to how you interact with others and the times you people-please. Before attending a function where you’ll likely people-please, think about how you’re going to react.

I have learned that Anxiety can  range from mild to extreme and can be related to traumatic experiences. If you have tried everything and you are still frustrated feel free to email me. Anxiety and Depression can be taken care off through Hypnosis or NLP. You don't have to keep suffering. You are here to do great things in life. I know first hand that I had to get rid of  the depression and anxiety to begin doing what I love. 

       Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks blog,
       sending blessings of happiness..
   Angie Castillo...Intuitive Life Coach/Lifestyle Coach

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